Longdraught Bitter Ale

As the most popular beer in Ptolus, Longdraught Bitter Ale (brewed at the Longdraught Brewery in the Gildsman District )has a color that oozes tradition, right from the off-white, fluffy head down to the dark ruby colour of the body. There is a strong coffee-esque aroma with a hint of Hazelnut noticeable as well.

The taste follows the scent perfectly; a strong roasted coffee flavor leads on to a warm bitter aftertaste that defies it’s session ale.

The sensation of the first drink reminds me much of the early-morning caffeine rush, often required to get through that Monday morning feeling. It’s a great, satisfying feeling.

The remainder of the pint, unfortunately, never quite hits that high and whilst it remains a good, well-produced bitter with enough to make it stand out from some of the more run-of-the-mill offerings, especially considering the mass output for the cities consumption.

Longdraught Bitter Ale

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