Eternity Cave

The Giant’s Staircase is the name given to a huge cavern below Oldtown characterized by ever-descending terraces—huge “steps” that only a giant could take—that lead down to an even larger cavern. The dwarves call this mammoth cavern Erdek Ard, but everyone else knows it as the Eternity Cave.

The giant stairs themselves measure two hundred fifty feet wide and twelve hundred feet long. Below, the enormous Erdek Ard is over three thousand feet wide and almost a mile long; the mysterious Umbral Lake fills most of the southern half. Within the vast cavern stands the “city” of the Stonelost dwarves, Kaled Del.

To the west, passages lead off to the mysterious Serpent Caves as well as down deep to the dark elf realms. To the northeast, tunnels connect to the Grand Entrance of Dwarvenhearth. Clearly, this area serves delvers as the gateway to the caverns.

Many different passages lead down to the Giant’s Staircase, but the most common one links up with the cellars below the Clock Tower in Oldtown. This passage leads down through an area known as the Buried City, the ancient remains of a much older city (also called Ptolus), built here some ten thousand years ago.

Eternity Cave

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