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  • The Commissar

    !>http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g51/edbellmcse/Ptolus/NPC/Comm.jpg! The Commissar of Ptolus, [[:15751 | Igor Urnst]], is a war veteran and a military man. Even though Ptolus has not been threatened with attack in centuries, he has a very defensive- …

  • Gurhorond

    The Gurhorond are [[Stonelost Dwarves]], once a small clan unto themselves in [[Dwarvenhearth]]. There are only a dozen Gurhorond left in the city, and they all live in the [[Star Jewelers]] workshop. About half are artisans, and a few are businessmen …

  • Harla Glitterstrike

    Defacto “Leader” of [[Star Jewelers]], a dwarf mage surprisingly tall for her gender and race.

  • Lord Terrik Clanstone

    Lord Terrik Clanstone leads the dwarves of [[Kaled Del]] In fact, most Stonelost dwarves recognize him as their lord; they do not use the word “king” since the diaspora from [[Dwarvenhearth]]. Lord Clanstone occasionally meets in the surface city with …

  • Soren Clanstone

    [[Soren Clanstone]], son of [[Lord Terrik Clanstone]] lives in Ptolus following a falling out with his father. Many dwarves call Soren the “wayward prince,” but never to his face. Soren is not a typical dwarf—he’s more jovial, quicker to smile. And he …

  • Grell Rubyvein

    !http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g51/edbellmcse/Ptolus/NPC/Grell.jpg! A cantankerous old dwarf who bears a message to [[:Telmore]] from the [[Star Jewelers | Star Jewelers]] and the past(future?).

  • Beck Von Tibbitz

    Sir Beck Von Tibbitz, a tall, broad-shouldered man with red hair and a beard to match, came to Ptolus to join the order fifteen years ago. He ascended through the ranks quickly due to his prowess and became head of the order in 715 IA.

  • Phadian Gess

    A warm-hearted woman with short black hair and a short but fit frame. Co-leader of the order "The Keepers of the Veil":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/rainy-night-in-ptolus/wikis/the-keepers-of-the-veil

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