Kitty Kitty Moo Moo (Kit)

An overweight minotaur youth whos energetic and a bit gullible

Name: Kitty Kitty Moo MooBackground: Stablehand
Class:MonsterRace:MinotaurAlignment:LNAction Points:7

Str22 +6AC20
Con18 +4BAB3
Int 6 -2Grapple9
Wis 10 0Speed15
Cha 6 -2Init-3

Fort 5
Ref 6
Will 0

Weapon Proficiency Groups:
Basic Weapons, Axes, Picks and Hammers

Armor Proficiency:
Light, Medium, Shields

Endurance, Diehard

Slow (+1 hp/lvl, -50% base land speed)
Stout (+2 bonus on Str checks to avoid bull rush or overrun, -1 on Escape Artist)

Unreactive (-6 penalty on initiative checks)
Weak Will (-3 penalty to will saves)

Gore 1d6
Darkvision 60’
Keen Senses (+2)
Natural Cunning (cannot become lost)
Natural Cunning (track enemies)
Scent 10’

Handle Animal4
Profession Guard1
Speak Common

Being born to parents working for a wealthy merchant, should have lead to a fun filled childhood of caravan guarding, traveling the countryside, and bandit slaying for our young bull. But fate had a different hand to play. As the little minotaur was taking his first few wobbly steps outside the stables his parents lived in, the merchant and his only daughter happened to be passing by having a discussion about how proper young ladies don’t throw their cutlery at the servants when they are slow in bringing her dessert. The young lady of three was instantly smitten with our young hero and proceeded to ask, beg, plead, and finally throw one of the most sensational tantrums until her father would let her keep the minotaur as a pet. She promptly had Kitty Kitty Moo Moo, named so because kitty was her favorite word and of course cows go moo, bathed and moved into her room where she spent the next few years playing dress up and stuffing Kitty with sweets. Poor Kitty didn’t know that this was no proper way for a minotaur to be raised, so he happily and unwittingly played along. It wasn’t too long before Kitty started packing on the pounds. This was perfectly alright for the young lady for the ritually bathed minotaur had a short soft covering of fur that kept her warm on cold winter nights. Time passed and the not so young lady started to take an interest in other members of her father’s employ. Kitty quickly lost out in the attention war with the stable boy and was discarded. Tossed out into the world to trudge along with all the other unwanted and unloved. Luckily he’s too dumb to know it. So he hooves off to the city mooing a merry toon.

Kitty Kitty Moo Moo (Kit)

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