Mercenary and Sell-sword.


Sepulchrave LN Male Elan Soulknife 2 Medium Aberration (Psionic) Power Points: 4 Resistance (Su): [IMM] spend 1pp to gain +4 racial bonus on saving throw. Resilience (Su): [IMM] reduce incoming damage by 2hp/1pp Repletion (Su): spend 1pp to survive without food or warter for 24 hrs. Mind Blade: [MOV] +5 (1d6+3, 19-20/x2) 30ft Psionic Weapon: Expend psionic focus to add 2d6 damage to next attack. Gain Psionic Focus: [FR] Concentration DC 20

Str 16, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 6

hp 18 AC 19 Armor Check -2

Fort +1 Ref +6 Will +4

+6 Concentration (5), +6 Hide (3), +6 Listen (5), +5 Move Silently (2), +6 Spot (5)

Mwk Chain Shirt, Mwk Heavy Mace +5 (1d8+3×2), Mwk Heavy Steel Sheild

Full Round Action: Gain Psionic Focus (Concentration DC 20)

Move Action: Manifest Mind Blade


Mercenary and Sellsword. Does not advertise psychic abilities, but takes advantage of Elan powers to augment performance.

As his abilities increase he will specialize in infiltration, mixing in levels of Rogue and/or Ranger to round out his abilities.


Rainy Night in Ptolus Skojar