Nasendur Eliem

Dark caster with his nose in a book.


STR: 11 Dex: 15 Con: 14 INT: 17 WIS: 8 CHA: 8

Cloaked figure, with a massive scare across his face.

You can notice a lots of white hair spoting is head giving him a much older apearance then his real age. He keeps a hood over most of his face to block his unattractive apearance. He has sewn a small mirror to each cuff of his robes, which makes him look quiet odd.

His robe is a drab blue color while his cloak is black. Most of the time he holds is spellbook in his hands, but has a place in his cloak to store it in a makeshift pocket, you notice other pockets withen the cloak, use is unknown to you.

He carrys a walking stick but does not use it to walk with. Actualy you may notice him twirl it around.


Nasendur aprenticed under a unstable wizard for many years doing mainly chores and fetching reagents for his master. The master ran experiments on Nasendur draining him of his life and engergys to help achieve his goals. These engergy draining rituals caused him to seem older and more frail then he really is. Most of what he had learned was do to self teaching and watching his master do arcanic rituals.

One day a group of vigianties raided the cave in which he lived. They murdered his master and chased him out of the cave. AT this point he wants nothing more then to get revenge on anyone whom breaks the laws.

Nas is keeps to himself unless confronted or a friend is in trouble. Most of the time he will be studying a book or fiddleing with some misc item. More then willing to pickup a job or two to help fund his arcane research. Do not expect Nasendur to lie to you as he is likly to tell you exactly what is is thinking, unless it meets some sick and twisted goal.

He has an increasing intrests in the undead and arcane.

Nasendur Eliem

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