Rainy Night in Ptolus

1 Rain 721
And so it begins.....

Lightning crackles across the twilight sky as you trudge down the winding cliff road into The Docks.

Hurriedly, laborers pull their carts and carry various load of items up the hill in an attempt to get their jobs done before the heavy rails hit.

You pay them no mind, you have business below.

Winding your way through the crowded and smelly streets (cautiously avoiding puddles here and there) you arrive at The Shark just as they are lighting the evening lanterns.

Before you go in, you stop a barker…part with a few coins and go in with a copy of The Courier ” and The Market Voice. Hopefully there is something in these that might bring work.

Upon entering, it takes a second for your senses to adjust…not to the light, but the noise and smoke of the room. Already, sailors and dock denizens have started their nightly ritual of debauchery and you have an uneasy feeling (especially with the Shark reputation) that tonight will be a particulary violent one.

At least 50 patrons crowd the tavern, making it difficult for you to spy your companions, but after a few seconds searching, you spy them in the southwest corner.

With a nod to bartender, Hanthan Yan you make your way over….................Here

Welcome to Rainy Night Ptolus
Where the weather and the Whiskey are both Wet

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